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Parker Stevens grew up in Newport Beach and has always been infatuated with everything related to the ocean. His love for being on the water led to his compassion for the yachting industry. While attending Newport Harbor High School and then Loyola Marymount University, he held jobs from commercial fishing to overseeing refits to complete yacht management. After graduating from college he was offered an opportunity working for Nike at their World Headquarters in Oregon. Knowing that his true passion was in the boating world, he returned to Newport Beach after a year and half to start Stevens Yacht Service. Parker has fished and cruised his entire life, made deliveries from Canada to Cabo San Lucas and is comfortable in all areas of yacht management and maintenance. Parker will be “Hands On” with all aspects of your service.

Malcolm Geffen is a longtime Corona Del Mar resident and is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in professional management and business consultation.  As an entrepreneur he has started a number of different enterprises which include newspaper publishing, venture management, management consulting and label manufacturing and marketing. He is focused on bringing efficient solutions and his productive drive to this small business. Malcolm owns a beautiful 63′ Nordlund which is currently in La Paz, B.C.S. He enjoys his relationships at Balboa Yacht Club.

Gary Stevens has been in the boating industry in Newport Beach since 1975. After graduating from USC he started a wash down service called Steamer’s Cleaners which catered to much of Newport Beach. Gary was involved in shipyard management, which then led to becoming a marine surveyor in 1981. He personally inspected 8,000 boats through his company Maritime Consultants Inc. Now in his thirteenth year with McKinna Yachts, he is additionally launching Stevens Yacht Service.

Mike Defelice has been in the marine industry for 33 years and is extremely well rounded. He is experienced in all electrical aspects of your yacht. He personally built his own electric car which is his daily automobile. Mike is additionally comfortable in plumbing, custom fabrication and carpentry. He is available for periodic system checks on your yacht and will be handling all faucets of maintenance for SYS.

Juan Avalos is known for maintaining the Wild Goose, formerly John Wanye’s boat, for Horn Blower Cruises. He has a strong background in yacht maintenance including polishing, waxing, paint work and varnish. He has worked for Mckinna Yachts for 14 years and has been responsible for keeping their yachts “Bristol.” Juan will be a team leader for Stevens Yacht Service.


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